I Forgot How To...

Appropriate For Ages 3-6 Years Old.


Hey parent. This activity is an exercise in forgetting how to do random stuff around the house and letting your kid teach you. 

Grab From Around Your Home


  • 3 bowls or pots from your kitchen of different sizes

  • 3 sheets of paper or some newspaper


Setting Up The Activity


  • Place the three bowls in the center of the dining table or an open space on the floor.

  • Tear up the paper into a variety of sizes and crumple each piece into a ball.

  • You want the balls to be various sizes.

  • Split the paper balls amongst the players.


Playing The Activity


  • Start by being as close to the bowl as you need to in order to successfully toss the ball into a bowl.

  • Take turns tossing a ball so you and your child each have a chance to celebrate your own and each other's success.

  • On the next turn, move a little further back (or if on the dining table, move the bowl a little bit further away from the ball tosser).


The goal is to make each turn just a little bit more challenging than the time before, but not too challenging that the child gets frustrated. Go as many rounds as you choose!



  • Try a friendly competition. How many can each of us get in? Who can get to five balls fastest if we throw them at the same time? If your child offers a new game idea or rule, let them lead.

  • Be big - exaggerate your arm and body movements. Throw your arms in the air with a big smile or moan when you get the ball in or miss.

  • Tell your child that you enjoyed this special time and say, "I had fun playing this with you!" at the end of the game.




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