Kids like routine - they learn what to expect from you, and understand what you expect from them.


Tonight, start a new routine of asking them a question that you answer as well.


Here are some questions to try out tonight:

  • “What was a hard question, problem, or situation that you had at school today? I’d love to hear about it and how you handled it”

  • “What was something surprising you learned today?”

  • “What is something you’re thankful for today?”

  • “How did you help someone today?”

Our personal favorite (appropriate for children ages four and older) is, “What was something you asked for help with today?” We love this question because it allows your child to express vulnerability, practice storytelling, and reinforces growth mindset. It also gives you a chance to show your child that you are always learning too when you answer the same question.




Habits are hard to form for a good reason - we forget too easily. Set a reminder in your calendar for the same time everyday to ask your question. 





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